Come and Make the Finest Olive Oil with us

Have you ever wondered what the life could be like as an olive grower? Do you dream of the simplicity and healthy rewards of such a lifestyle? Perhaps even, you imagine lazy days picking the ripest olives from the tree, taking in the fresh mountain air, and enjoying the fruits of your harvest under the warm glow of a Mediterranean sunset. For hundreds of years our family, the Lagoudis, has had the good fortune to be blessed with such a life. In the age-old tradition of our ancestors, we invite you to come and share the experience and join us on our Laconian plantation.

Before accepting this invitation, we should mention that it is not all about spending a fun and enjoyable day with family and friends in the garden of Eden. Many years of experience has taught us that no matter how hard we may try; there is no other way of making the finest, purest, organic olive oil without first picking the olives. For sure, it will be well worth the effort when we share with you our knowledge of making olive oil handed down to us through the generations. Once you have made your very own Greek Lakonian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you will then get to take it home and enjoy it.

Can I just Buy it?

Of course, you can always just buy it, but only direct from our plantation. For this is the only way to ensure that our Lakonian Brand meets the very highest stands of quality. Many people know of the health risks associated with preparing food with inferior oils. Few people need convincing that olive oil is a far healthier alternative to sunflower and vegetable oils. It is not so well understood, however, that there are considerable disparities in quality between the various olive oil brands, and many people are still unaware of the differences in purity that exist between extra virgin oils.

The way olives are grown and produced is only part of the story. Most of the nutritional properties of the olive becomes lost during the process of extracting the oil from the fruit. Chemical solvents and excessive heat temperatures used during manufacturing can adversely affect the healthy life-giving benefits of the oil. High acidity levels will also influence the quality of the final product. Since almost all olive oils are subject to adverse mass production processes, how can we ever be sure what is inside the bottle? For these reasons, you will not find Lakonian Olive Oil in your local supermarket.

What are the Options?

To be sure that the extra virgin olive oil you give yourself and your family is of the purest quality, there are but a few options available. The obvious solution is to test it, which happens to be not very practical unless you have the equipment and know-how to do so. Better still is to purchase the olive oil direct from an organic source. The very best way, I am sure we can all agree, is to make it ourselves. The Lagoudis have a long and successful history in making some of the finest and purest olive oil to be found in Greece.

We appreciate that not everyone is lucky enough to have an olive garden in the fertile lands of Laconia. So in the real spirit of our community and heritage, we open our gates and invite you to join us. The time to arrive is during the autumn months of November and December when the olives are at their ripest, and the climate at its kindest. Perfect conditions for making olive oil.

The experience you can expect

When you come to visit our olive plantation on the shores of Laconia, the first thing you can expect is a warm and friendly welcome from our plantation community. We will show you how and where to pick the best olives, and when you have collected enough, our experts will help you to turn your harvest of olives into virgin oil free of impurities and imperfections.

You will get to experience first hand the culture and traditions of our way of life. You may even like to visit the historic stone press castle which has stood proudly on our land for hundreds of years. Perhaps you will also get to learn some of the tales from our family history.

As many who have tried will tell you, there can be nothing more rewarding than spending the time to harvest natural organic foods to nourish yourself, your family, and the ones you love. After a day of relaxation and leisure in our company, you get to take home a reward for your efforts – the Lakonian Olive Oil you have made from the olives you picked with your own hands in a mountainous region of southern Greece.