Did you know?…

The olive cultivation is considered to be quite easy. The olive tree does not demand special care and the most difficult process is the collection of the olives. The tree is very resiliant and it multiplies itself easily. The hardest thing for its cultivation is the cutting of the branches. In this way the offspring are renewed and the production augments.

In Creta the elderly people did not cut the branches annually. Year to year though they noticed that the trees that had broken branches due to snowfall had greater production that the others. From that time and afterwards they started to cut the branches every year.

Family’s Olive Groves

The owner of the olive groves, Zafeiris Zafeirakos, has an experience of 25 years in cultivating olive groves and producing extra virgin olive oil. The olives are collected by a reliable and harmonically cooperating team and are directly sent to the oil-factory for processing.  For this reason the produced oil is of excellent quality. The oil comes from groves in Laconia and more precisely in Gythion and it has 0-0.8 degrees of acidity.

After the collection, the table olives are separated with a special machine and are categorized according to their size. Typically there are 5 sizes of table olives. In our family we sell to our customers only the biggest ones (number 4 and 5). The small ones are usually sent for oil production, whereas the others are sold to merchandizers.  In the supermarkets you can only find medium sizes of olives, beacause all the producers tend to keep the big ones for their own use. This is the reason why our table olives are of superior quality.

The preparation of the table olives is managed exclusively by himself with his personal care and taste. The olives are kept in special barrels until they become ready. Afterwards they are placed in smaller vases for selling.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Discrimination

  • The color of the oil should be from green to gold-yellow.
  • The olive oil can be kept for 2 years in a stable condition.
  • An olive oil that has beyond 0.8 acid degrees is considered to be perfect
  • Lakonia and Creta are places with great quality of olive oil.
  • One liter of perfect olive oil in Greece costs in average 6 to 8 €.
  • Biological olive oil should have a certifying number and company.